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Delta + Omega Vizcaya Gardens Wedding Proposal – Best Miami Wedding Photography; Greek Engagement

You rose into my life like a promised sunrise, brightening my days with the light in your eyes. I’ve never been so strong. Now I’m where I belong. ~ Maya Angelou



Marcus and Leandra initially met in 2006 at an United Negro College Fund meeting for Historically Black College and University fundraisers. At the time, they were both happily married and working for different universities.

During the meeting, they discovered that they both served as the alumni director and advisor for the pre-alumni council at their respective schools. They developed a professional friendship from that point and ended up working for the same University a few years later.

In 2014, after a divorce and the tragic loss of Marcus’ wife, God saw fit to give them both another opportunity for love. The rest is history!

Marcus and Leandra have several interesting commonalities. They are both graduates of a Historically Black College or University and members of a Black Greek organizations (Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity Incorporated and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated). In addition, they are both are higher education fundraisers, they love football, and they love to travel. They also enjoy trying out new cuisine and places to eat.
On their first date Marcus and Leandra went to a Brazillan steakhouse for dinner and then to a John Legend concert. It was a wonderful evening filled with great conversation, lots of laughter and great music. Leandra said “I knew I wanted to continue dating Marcus after that night because we had such a good time together.” Marcus had a similar sentiment stating “I really enjoyed our first date. It felt natural and I could sense a chemistry between us, one I wanted to explore further.”
The Proposal:

On New Year’s Eve Marcus surprised Leandra during a dinner with some of  their closest friends. They had planned a trip to Asheville, NC to bring in the new year with their friends months ahead, but little did Leandra know, Marcus had another plan brewing.

That night, they all planned to go to a nice restaurant to eat dinner then go out dancing to bring in the new year. Leandra’s best friend even arranged for all of them to travel together in a stretch Hummer limousine. At dinner, when it was time for dessert, Leandra was the last one to be served. She was so busy laughing and talking with her girlfriends that she didn’t even notice that she was the last to be served.

When the waiter came to bring Leandra her dessert, he was holding a covered silver tray and said “I apologize but we are out of the strawberries and champagne that you ordered so the chef made you something special.” It didn’t register to her that something else is going on. Leandra said “that’s okay, I understand,” and then he placed the tray in front of her. When she uncovered the tray, a small box appeared. Leandra immediately covered her face with her hands and began to cry because knew it was a ring.

When Leandra opened the box, she received another surprise because it was the ring she had admired a few weeks earlier with one of her best friends. When she looked up, Marcus was on bended knee in front of her asking her to marry him. She said yes!

Later, Leandra found out that Marcus coordinated with her best friends to have one of them take her to a store to look at rings a few weeks earlier, so he would have a sense of the kind of ring she would like. He had the ring she liked custom made. She also found out that he arranged for the limo and the private VIP area that they all partied in later that night.

Leandra describes Marcus as an extremely thoughtful, considerate and loving man. “He really knows how to woo a woman. It was definitely a night to remember and a great start to a new year and chapter in our lives.” Marcus and Leandra’s clothing looks were inspired by Marcus’s favorite color which is sky blue and Leandra’s general love of fashion.  They also wanted to convey the different facets of their individual personalities and personality as a couple.

Hair: Merida, My Hair Spot
Make-up: Jacquelyn “Jacquie”Hanna, Kozmetik Kreationz

Our Expierence:
Our Engagement photo session with AJ was absolutely wonderful!  AJ is very creative and has an amazing eye for capturing the most beautiful spots to take pictures. He was extremely professional and he made the day fun.  We were blown away by the final results. 
Vizcaya was the perfect location for our Engagement session because it captured the tropical beauty of Florida, which is Leandra’s home state, while showcasing Marcus’s love for the outdoors.  
Our advice to engaged couples is to definitely schedule an engagement photo session.  Your engagement is an important milestone and memory in your lives that you should document.  These photos help to tell your story as a couple and they are wonderful memories to share with your loved ones now and in the years to come.    
After the shoot, Marcus said he had a lot of fun which was great because he typically doesn’t like to take a lot of pictures. . AJ definitely inspired us to be ourselves during the entire shoot.  At times we forgot he was even there with a camera, that’s how natural it felt. Having the right photographer made all the difference for us – and the right photographer was AJ. He brought props, recommended hair and make-up artists and gave us wardrobe tips prior to the shoot.  Most importantly, he made us feel very comfortable during the shoot which really helped us showcase our personalities in the photos.  Our Engagement session has greatly prepared us for our wedding day.  We now know how to pose together and most importantly how be ourselves in front of the camera.  We are excited and eagerly awaiting our wedding day with AJ.
July 6, 2016 - 11:04 pm

Anonymous - Beautiful! Congratulations from your family and the Mt. Beulah United Methodist Church Family. We love you and welcome Leander to the family in South Carolina.

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