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Cassie and Yerandy – Miami Wedding, Hilton Cabana Hotel, Miami Springs Country Club

To love and be loved Is the pinnacle of happiness and riches. May you never lose sight of this precious treasure in all your days together.

Cassie and Yerandy met during their second to last semester at Florida International University while working on their undergraduate degrees in Business Management. They were assigned to the same team for the class project. Somewhere between late night group meetings, last minute assignment submissions and scoring 100 on the class project, Cassie and Yera laid the foundation for a partnership that is based on love, trust, understanding and dedication. For six years now, their own team is as strong as ever!

In September of 2014, Cassie was planning Yerandy’s birthday party and trying her best to keep the details a surprise. Yerandy took advantage of the fact that Cassie was completely wrapped up in the party planning and went about planning his own surprise. During dinner at the party, two of Cassie’s and Yera’s closest friends announced they had a surprise for Yerandy’s birthday, escorted the couple inside their home, and asked all guests (approximately 80!) to please remain outside of the covered terrace. The friends quickly proceeded to corner off a portion of the terrace by hanging blue tarp. They ran into the house, blindfolded both Cassie and Yerandy, and took them outside. Quickly again, the friends got into position, dropped the tarp and there was dead silence… until the cheering began! What the guests saw was rose petals scattered on the floor, sunflowers in vases spread about, Yerandy down on one knee… and Cassie still blindfolded! When she removed the blindfold, Cassie couldn’t believe what she was seeing… so much so that she shouted an explicative and started crying as everyone laughed! After everyone had a chance to congratulate the newly engaged couple, the now birthday/engagement party continued into the early morning. There was definitely a lot to be celebrated!


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