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Love thy Neighbor _ Vizcaya Engagement Miami Garden Coral Gables Photographer

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Jessica Rhodes and Bobby Litmon’s story came right out of a movie.

In January 2016, Jessica relocated to Atlanta, GA not knowing that her future husband lived right across the street. Bobby was known by Jessica as the neighbor who loved to wash his cars. Everyday Bobby would be outside washing his cars in hopes of capturing Jessica’s attention. Without thinking anything of it, she would just wave and pull into her driveway. But on April 4th, he finally made the first move asking Jessica for her phone number. Later that week the two went on their first date to GameX, an arcade for adults. During their date they talked about their careers. At that time Jessica worked as a Director at City of Refuge and learned that Bobby was a Fire Fighter/Paramedic just like her father. They had a great time but still Jessica wasn’t interested in being nothing more than just neighbors. While at work one day Jessica’s car got towed and she couldn’t think of anyone else to call but Bobby. And just like in the movies he came to her rescue. Upon picking her up from work he asked if she would like to come over for dinner. And she happily said yes. The popular saying goes “opposites attract”, but in this case it’s the similarities that brought the couple together. They shared so many commonalities. From red being their favorite color to family being the most important thing to them. After 4 years of dating Bobby was ready to propose to Jessica. But what better way to do it then to play a joke on her. Now let’s go back for a moment. While visiting a friend of the family’s home in 2008 a bug crawled into Jessica’s shoe without her knowing and touched her toes. Ever since then she freaks out if somethings in her shoes or touches her feet. Funny right… On May 11, 2019, Bobby thought it would be a great idea to put the ring inside of Jessica’s shoes. Well the best way to put it… she freaked out but said “YES”. They believe for love to have a future; couples need to be able to move from falling in love to standing in love. So on February 22, 2020 they will stand in love together.


Planing: Tawanda of Elite Event Management

MUA: Kozmetiz Kreationz – Jacquie Hanna



Wow! We are absolutely blown away by our engagement photos. AJ truly captured every moment, smile, and crazy dance move from that day. We have had an amazing experience with him, to say the least. From our initial meeting to our engagement session…just amazing! His calm and supportive presence throughout it all made us feel so comfortable. It felt like he was a part of the family- and we both recognize how special that is. We will be looking through these photos for years to come and we will always remember how special our photographer was. His direction and clear communication made our photoshoot easy and fun!

AJ kept in contact with us weeks, days, hours and even down to minutes before the photoshoot. He gave us plenty of helpful tips for our outfits and suggested the most amazing locations. AJ is creative, artistic and an amazing photographer.


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