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Miami Art Walk, Cross-fit themed Engagement; Sha & Sammy

How They Met

Sha and Sammy first met during the summer of 2005 at the rec center in Chattanooga, Tn.  From the first time Sammy saw Sha he had a crush on her, but he never said anything to Sha by him being so shy and also her being a few years older than him.  He  knew that Sha would not give him a chance because of their age difference. Some years went by and Sha ran into Sammy’s mother at her grandmother’s house.  Sha then asked his mother how was he doing and she then proceeded to give Sha his number. Sha called him and from that day they stayed in contact with each other.  One day Sammy rode home with one of his friends from college to visit family and of course he visited Sha while being home. Later that day their families decided to go to the bowling alley with Sammy and Sha being able to spend more time together they became closer to each other. Of course Sammy had to go back but it would be long before they were back together. Sammy had spring break coming up and Sha agreed to come pick him up from college. They happen to spend quite a lot of time together during his spring break even being able to go on their first date. Their first date was a date to the movies to see the movie Madea’s Big Happy Family. But once again the time was coming to a end and it was time for Sammy to go back to school. One day after Sammy got out of classes he received a call from Sha the conversation was as usual until Sha asked what are we it was obvious that Sha was ready to take the next step to start a relationship with Sammy. Being goofy as he is Sammy said boyfriend and girlfriend duh. And from that day they started the loving relationship that you see today.

The Proposal

Sammy did the proposal at his uncle house in Chattanooga. That whole day Sha had no clue that Sammy had the ring in his jacket pocket if Sha would have given him a hug she would have felt the ring box and the cat would had been out of the bag. Later that night they pulled up at Sammy uncle house he had all the family members cars hidden so Sha would figure it out. They walked up to the door and Sammy Uncle came out to make small talk with Sha to stall her while Sammy made sure everything was in place inside. Finally Sammy’s uncle and Sha came in and Sammy’s uncle gave the signal with a loud cough. When Sha came around the corner Sammy was on one knee waiting with the ring. Sha’s face was priceless. Then Sammy asked the question would you marry me and Sha said yes!!!

The Romance

The romance of our story is that we never thought in a millions years that God would place us back into each other lives and let us go this far. I guess what Sha and Sammy is trying to say is never think that special someone isn’t still out there for you, because you over looked them once. When the timing is right God will put the right people into your life to better you as a person and make it become a lifetime as he did us. I could never imagine that my soul mate was standing right in front on me from the very start, but never said a word to me.

The Engagement Session

Heading to the engagement session almost had me in tears, because it hit me that from that moment riding in the car with Sammy things was about to start getting real and the months would fly by counting up until our big day. But I couldn’t let the tears come down for the sake of my makeup. Lol!!! That moment when we got out the car and started heading to AJ I started getting nervous as if it was already our big day, but I had to pull it together and get through this shoot. I had so much fun letting my other side come out and not being so up tight and also getting Sammy to come outside the box as well. I wouldn’t take back the long hours of us being in the sun all day for nothing in the world and being able to share that special moment with my best friend, my soul mate and soon to be hubby. AJ is wonderful and did everything that we expected him to do and can’t wait until our big day to do it all over again.


Makeup: Socommercial Mua



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