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Yellow & Grey Miami Wedding; Kenny & Kenya

Kenneth and Kenya met on a Friday night at a local restaurant. Kenya noticed Kenny come in the restaurant, she watched him from afar. Kenya was very busy but noticed Kenny hadn’t be served. Kenya asked coworkers why he hasn’t been served. Her coworker replied with he’s waiting on you! When Kenya approached Kenny and asked him what he would like to have Kenneth replied with what’s your name, catching Kenya off guard she answer Kenya…. What would you like to have? He responded with what’s your work schedule? She responded with 7am to 3pm Kenneth responded with Ok that’s why I haven’t been able to catch you….. Kenya said excuse me? Kenneth replied with his order. Kenya brought Kenny his order and though to herself how handsome he is, how great his posture is and how well-spoken he is, then dismissed those thoughts when she recalled seeing Kenny with a mutual friend that doesn’t have the best reputation with women. Kenya went to ask Kenny if everything was ok. Kenny responded with what’s your phone number? Kenya asked aren’t you Thomas friend? Kenny reluctantly said yes BUT I’m nothing like him. Kenya just looked at him, cleared his table and told him to have a nice day. Kenya continued to work her shift which was ending soon and notice Kenny hadn’t left the restaurant. Throughout the remainder of her shift Kenya and Kenny kept making eye contact and smiling when caught by the other looking.  As Kenya was leaving work Kenny approached and said really I’m not like Thomas. Kenya said really? Kenya asked to use Kenny’s phone, went through his contacts and found the name Thomas and called the number. Thomas picked up with a greeting for Kenny WHATS UP MAN! Kenya said Thomas! Thomas asked who is this.  Kenya responded with her name Kenya! Thomas asked oh what’s up sis….. (Confused) Kenya said Thomas remember you told me all your friends are bad news! He started laughing saying I say that to all my sisters. The phone was on speaker, we all started laughing!  Kenny asked Thomas what you told Kenya. She won’t give me a chance. Thomas spoke through laughter and said sis! Kenny a good guy! Give him a chance. Kenya and Kenny went on their first date that Friday night and have been inseparable from that day forward.






February 27, 2016 - 8:19 am

Joyce Hill - These pictures are so beautiful. You captured so many precious moments that will give them beautiful lifelong memories. A job well done!!!

March 9, 2016 - 12:34 pm

Terry Wright - Welcome Kenya, welcome to the First Family and the Wedding was nothing short of Royality!!

July 18, 2017 - 3:37 pm

Alfredia Knight - Wow, very professional and talented photo’s taken in this beautiful wedding of Kenny and Kenya. You are the best AJ! Beautifully done.

July 18, 2017 - 3:48 pm

Alfredia Knight - To Kenny and Kenya, may the good Lord Bless this marital union in every way possible, in your up’s and your down’s, your financial well being, and with excellent health. Be blessed, you are a beautiful couple together.

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