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Spanish Monastery – Engagement – Randi & Kevin

Kevin and Randi met in 2002.. One day while Randi was checking the mailbox, Kevin drove up and stole her heart. No matter how hard Randi tried to ignore his passes there was just something about Kevin. From that point, they began to speak every day and have been together ever since.

Kevin and Randi were on their yearly Disney family vacation. Randi began to walk out of the bedroom of their suite…She could not remember what she went to do and turned around to ask Kevin. At that very moment, Kevin was on one knee holding a Neil Lane diamond ring…Her Neil Lane diamond ring that she fell in love with months before while shopping for a gift for her mom at Jared….

True Love …….The Romance

The engagement session was AMAZING! The day that we spent with AJ allowed us to see just a piece of the magic that he will produce on the day of our wedding. Normally when we take pictures, it is in a studio and we are in and out. During our engagement session, we gave our best and in return AJ gave us his best! Even though AJ’s professionalism was evident throughout the entire day, we connected like we were family. He made us feel just that special!

The end results were definitely more than what we expected! We expected to do a few poses and be done. Not with AJ Shorter! We explored emotions in front of that camera that we have never really explored before. We were transparent; we were open; we gave ourselves on that day. It was a great experience!

The Spanish Monastery was a perfect scene because it allowed us to step outside of our comfort zone. If it was up to us, we would have taken pictures in our front yard…Lol. We normally are not “artsy” people. However the scenery alone allowed us to see how beautiful existence really is. Our eyes were opened to a new concept. It was refreshing…

Family is very important to the both of us. We have frequent family game nights where Scrabble is one of the games that we play. We decided to use the Scrabble game pieces that spell out FOREVER AND ALWAYS. These are the words that we want to halo over our relationship. We want love that will last forever and always.


We would advise that engagement/marriage is a working progress; there will be ups and downs but you must have patience. When we are born, we come into the world by ourselves. However we believe that, God has destined us all to find that special someone to love. When you do discover that person be patient and spend the next 60+ years loving that person. As a couple, you all have to learn how to truly listen and love one another.

We still cannot believe that AJ actually got in the ocean with us. Most photographers would be concerned about their equipment or just getting wet period. There was no second thought for AJ. He rolled up his pants and was right there; front and center.

Also, we had a little hiccup at the beginning of our day; which was no fault of AJ’s. We felt that he handled the situation ideally. We had to make changes and he was right there to roll with the punches. There was no frustration and not once did AJs professionalism change. It was truly uplifting since you do not find that in a lot of people nowadays. His mood helped our mood. He lifted us out of our slump!


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