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Spiritual Love – Miami Destination Wedding Photography

Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.

They crossed paths five years ago at church. She sang on the choir and he would occasionally play the congas. Their friendship grew, from an occasional smile towards each other during service, to seldom handshakes and brotherly hugs. They hailed each other as brother and sister. With Camille being older, and Kevaughn reluctant to admit his youthfulness, she often referred to him as “lil big bro” while he would then affectionately call her “lil sis” Kevaughn left for college in January, 2014 and that’s when communication began to grow.


Makeup:  Kozmetik Kreationz

Dress: White by Vera Wang Organza Trumpet
Rings: CR Jewelry
Flowers: Sharpe events and Designs
DJ: King Hype
Venue Lavan Catering and Events
Catering: Lavan Catering and Events
Decor: Sharpe Events and Designs


Our advice to engaged couples is to trust God in the process, communicate clearly and to remember to laugh and have fun. As you plan your wedding, remember to save as much as you can for your marriage and stick as best as you can to the budget. On the wedding day focus on your spouse and don’t stress the small things, remember the wedding is for the family but your marriage is for you.


Our Expierence:

In considering a photographer, we would suggest that you have a clear idea of the vision/memories you are hoping to capture through your photographer. The photographer serves as the main tool for reminiscing on your day because they capture expressions, emotions and events which collectively creates the vision/memories. Therefore, a photographer’s expertise and product quality is crucial to determine the memories you will have for a lifetime.


Separate and apart from the cost for photography, quality is of the utmost importance in the long haul. It might appear that you have saved a few bucks with getting a quick and cheap photographer, but their final product will also be such (quick and cheap). Then years down the line there will be regrets for compromising.

Finally, you must be comfortable working with your photographer and their personality must fit with your guests. This is an important point to consider for the photographer will be interacting a lot with the guests and you want to ensure that it is a great and pleasant experience.


Working with AJ was incomparable. He illustrated high levels of expertise and professionalism throughout the entirety of the process. AJ made his presence known through multiple phone calls, texts, and emails to ensure that both of our expectations were clear and that everyone was on the same page. He clearly expressed what to expect of him and his team on the day, and what he expected from us to ensure that the envisioned dream is beautiful captured. He made sure that our coordinator and his team, alongside other vendors, were on the same page to ensure an amazing day.


Apart from his expertise, we could observe his passion for his job as he went beyond the average photographer scope to ensure that our story was beautifully captured. He attended our wedding rehearsal where he met with family members and friends to discuss expectations for the day. His presence made it easy for them to smile and have fun on the day of the wedding, as they were already familiar with him.


Honestly, without AJ as our photographer it would be difficult, nearly impossible, to capture our wedding as beautifully as he did. He gave us useful tips for both before and after the wedding that helped enhanced everything. He is patient and open to your suggestions and even suggest movements to capture great moments. His personality and experience makes capturing monumental.


One key suggestion that AJ had was the post wedding styled shoot. Based on our experience, this is something that we would suggest to others. It helps to add dynamics and versatility to the photo compilation. In this setting, the bride and the groom is less pressured/pressed for time giving them the opportunity to thoroughly indulge in each other’s presence. In doing this, it becomes easier to create romantic/epic memories (which in turn adds to your story). The post wedding shoot was initially new to us; however, it was one of our favorite set of pictures.





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Robin Goodlad - Absolutely gorgeous!

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