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Stylish Engagement at Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens; Best Florida Photography

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt  with one’s heart. Camille and Kevaughn is blessed to experience such beauty. They crossed paths five years ago at church. She sang on the choir and he would occasionally play the congas. Their friendship grew, from an occasional smile towards each other during service, to seldom handshakes and brotherly hugs. They hailed each other as brother and sister. With Camille being older, and Kevaughn reluctant to admit his youthfulness, she often referred to him as “lil big bro” while he would then affectionately call her “lil sis” Kevaughn left for college in January, 2014 and that’s when communication began to grow.

Distance usually break friendship, however, it drew them closer together and their relationship began to evolve. It became more sentimental, transitioning from an occasional text to everyday phone calls, and bible discussions over the phone. As communication grew, so did their hearts towards each other, and towards God. Praying and fasting together became a habitual occurrence.

Seeing Camille again upon his third visit back from Gainesville was the turning point for their relationship. They met up at Menchies and had conversations as they ate yogurt. That was the beginning of a new connection, maintained and enhanced to this point. Random love letters, flowers, care packages, gifts, and surprise visits were some of the awe-inspiring things Kevaughn and Camille would do towards each other as they continued growing in love. Great food, live music and star gazing as they walked the beach is a great way to describe their first date. As the man, Kevaughn was quite adamant that he would plan their first ‘official’ date, and was very creative in his endeavor. Instead of having a full course meal at one location, Camille and Kevaughn share a night of adventure as they transitioned from locations for different parts of their meal. Some of these stops included Timpanos, Season 52 and a walk/star gazing by the beach. In order to preserve these memories, different snippets of the night were video recorded, and now serves as a romance refresher.  As for commonalties, they both are God fearing individuals who are crazy/goofy at heart. With them both growing up in large families, they are family oriented, loving, giving, and willing to go the extra mile for those around them. Also, music is both a passion and a hobby, as they often times create spontaneous songs for one another.


The Proposal

With them both being occupied with responsibilities and demands, April 28 th  2016 was the perfect time for a day of relaxation and refreshment. Again, Kevaughn was in charge of the event planning for the day, with Camille being completely oblivious of the sequence of events. Nevertheless, knowing his spontaneous persona, she was excitedly anticipating a great time.

Little did she know, this would be the day Kevaughn would pop ‘the big question’. The day started as early as 10 am with a trip to the everglades. They toured the everglades, saw gators fight, and even played with a python while there. After the everglades, the next destination was our fishing spot in Pompano. Camille was super excited for she has been requesting for them to go for a long time. Being proactive, Kevaughn had asked his brother and sister to set up a specific location a little while away for our fishing spot to do the proposal. The location was located on the shore, hidden by trees, creating a tropical/relaxing feel. As they stood there fishing, his family prepare the location. Everything was perfect!

With little action from the fish, very few bites, he told Camille that he would walk and go check another location. After walking away to the engagement spot, he screamed in terror and pain in order to scare Camille. As expected, she threw away the fishing rod and came bolting over in fear for his knee. Upon arriving at the prepared location, she was astonished.  The location was beautifully decorated with rose petals, candles, wine glass and sparkling cider all laid upon a cloth spread. Kevaughn went on one knee, after his speech and asked “Camille Steele, will you spend the rest of your life with me as my wife…. Will you marry me?” In awe of all that had transpired and anxiety from running over in fright, Camille fell to her knees as she said “YES!” The look for the engagement session was inspired by their wedding colors, personal style and their personalities. From the vibrancy of the colors and style of their outfit, one can observe the fun, outgoing and creative personality along with a classy touch.




Makeup:  Kozmetik Kreationz


Our experience with Aj was phenomenal. His personality and correspondence was top of the

line. He made it feel more than just about taking pictures making sur.. His ideas where wonderful

and every suggestion was worth the while, never for a moment was he afraid to show us poses or

different art forms, even if it made him looked crazy. He gives his time and his creative power.

Rain or shine, one can see that what he does is driven by passion and not finances. AJ was a

blessing to us in a moment of need. One could clearly see that he had great experience and a

creative mind. He’s willing to sacrifice comfort and all to make your dreams a reality. That,

indeed, is a rear characteristic.

Our day was riddled by the weather, as it was pouring with a 90 percent chance of rain. Yet there

AJ was with an umbrella, he scouted the area and ensured that we would be able to make the

most of the day. He even suggested additional locations to enhance our theme and avoid the rain.

To illustrate the passion for his service, he extended his time and gave us his undivided attention.

Words will never be enough to thank him for his kind, selfless service, his patience, efforts,

suggestions, guidance and the laughter and joy we experienced in this monumental moment in

our journey. He’ll forever be a part of our story.

June 23, 2016 - 6:18 pm

Ruth Mitchell - Beautiful love it guys

June 24, 2016 - 7:01 pm

Anonymous - Awesome guys! Well done and taste 🙂

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