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Vizcaya Gardens – Modern Engagement – Miami Engagement Photography

They met 12 days after Shaquia moved to Texas. Ryan and her were scheduled to work together and she was his trainee. they laughed, talked, and joked around the entire shift. They were friends from the start. Other coworkers would tell Shaquia that Ryan liked her but he showed no signs of interest, it was just a genuine friendship from the start. After about 4 months of working together, Ryan then called her and still won’t tell her how he got her cell number, lol! Ryan was a complete gentleman and she just thought they were just really cool but they have talked everyday since the first time he called. After 2 months of dating they both recall saying, “this is too good to be true, but it’s only been 2 months.” The feeling was just surreal to meet someone that makes you feel comfortable from the start, there connection was and still is at times unbelievable – from the open communication to sharing the same dreams and goals. Shaquia never understood the meaning of your mate being your best friend until now, and she definitely can’t wait to be Mrs. Criss and spend the rest their lives together. Here’s to new beginnings!!!!


The proposal…….

It just so happened to be Easter Sunday this year. Ryan would always say that he wanted this day to be special and he wanted to go all out. A couple of weeks before the proposal he asked Shaquia to find a photographer so that they could take ‘spring pictures‘ and Shaquia thought to herself…”he has something up his sleeve.” But boy did he have a surprise for her! He waited until they were at home by themselves and she was in a deep sleep. He then woke her up and was on his knees asking her to sit up because he needed to talk to her. Ryan began to tell her how much she meant to him and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her but popping the question came as a surprise because these are things he randomly says all the time. So Shaquia of course thought he was joking until he said “Why are you laughing, I’m not playing” ….and pulled out the ring! He placed it on her finger and asked her to marry him! She immediately began to cry tears of joy and said YES! It was such a natural but magical moment…it was perfect and so representative of their relationship!


Our Engagement Experience…….

We are naturally comfortable in front of the lens … but let’s just say I was a little nervous heading into our Miami engagement session.

That said, AJ assured us that if we prepared well and showed up with a playful attitude, he’d do the rest.

Fortunately, Ryan and I put a ton of thought and planning into our shoot and so we couldn’t wait to kick things off.

We had seen Aj’s blog and spoken with him on numerous occasions; it was well understood that we’d have to put on our game faces and be fearless to get the images we desired.

AJ’s work speaks for itself. It’s original, daring, creative, and truly artistic. We knew that by working with him, we’d be investing in art that we could showcase for years to come.

At its most basic, it means being willing to think and walk outside the proverbial box.

Believe it or not, I was actually shaking as I stood on that wall. But my focus was squarely on sharing that special moment with Ryan who was right beside me relishing in the experience.

Ultimately, you should never do anything you’re not comfortable with or that could be dangerous, but if you want photos that nobody else has and a transcending experience that you’ll cherish forever, then it’s important to do things that most people would not attempt.

In short, our shoot with AJ was magical. From the moment we arrived at our meeting point—with the sunshine behind us and Champagne in hand—until the conclusion of our shoot … and everything in between. It was simply brilliant.

The engagement photography session gave Ryan and me a real opportunity to connect with one another in an entirely new way.




We were able to roam the Vizcaya Museum and experience familiar places through the visionary eyes of someone else …

AJ’s passion, energy, and complete immersion in the shoot were beyond contagious.

To other engaged couples……

Never lose the fun of the moment.

The engagement shoot will prepare us for our wedding day….

First and foremost, having photos of us as we prepare to spend the rest of your lives together is irreplaceable. These photos are about who we are together; the horizon of a new journey, all that we’ve have become as a couple and all that we will be as a family. We get to know each other even better, you get used to the camera and we just have fun! And third, who doesn’t want an excuse to get dressed up and have uninterrupted time and a really good excuse to cuddle up with your fiance 🙂 It’s all around just a good idea 🙂

October 22, 2014 - 10:41 pm

"Tanya" - Beautiful, Classy and elegant…. Very nice pics…

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